20.08.20 Perfect solution for pneumatic system

The perfect solution for your pneumatic system

The piston seal profile NZ8 from PET Seals Ltd. is a single-acting lip ring for sealing pistons in pneumatic cylinders and valves. It is characterized by small installation dimensions. The dimensions of the standard series Profile NZ8 correspond to the common cylinder diameters.

Piston seal profile NZ8


This piston seal is characterized by the following properties:

  • Due to the application-optimized geometry and materials, it can be used with both oiled and oil-free compressed air (after assembly lubrication).
  • Good sealing effect with the smallest installation conditions.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Low stiction and low dynamic friction due to the small construction.
  • Smooth running thanks to optimal lubricant-preserving geometry.
  • Easier installation.
  • High temperature resistance with a suitable choice of materials.
  • Excellent media resistance with suitable material selection.
  • Installation in closed installation spaces.

Piston seal profile NZ8


There are a number of materials available for this and other seals. Each specially developed for the requirements of pneumatic systems. In addition to low friction and low wear, these are also characterized by a very long service life. From this wide range, you can choose the right material for every requirement and application. PET Seals generally only uses materials from European or American suppliers.

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